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I-Human patients is an alternative learning resource that helps nursing students enhance their diagnostic competency and clinical judgment skills. The application can be used on a mobile device at any location and time. With the introduction of the application, students can practice safe, repeatable, fully-graded clinical patient encounters on their devices. The application illustrates the following;

Medical Cases: Give students access to several cases to gauge their review, examination, diagnosis, and documentation skills.

Physician assistant Cases: Students can practice clinical judgment skills in a safe environment with repeatable encounters.

Graduate Nursing Cases: Configured specifically for Graduate Nursing students, simulated cases prepare them to succeed on their clinical exams.

Undergraduate Nursing Cases: Our Next Generation NCLEX® aligned decision-making model prepares students to think like nurses.

The I-Human Patients is a platform that illustrates different cases that integrate exercises, learning, and assessments that elevate students’ understanding of different cases. Therefore, the i-Human Case Study Answers are based on the students’ research and understanding of the subject matter. 



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