Refund Policy
Last Revised: May 1ST 2021

Essay ADME Refund Policy Guidelines

Essay ADME will refund the entire amount less the transaction cost of your purchase to your balance.

There must be clear reasons for refund. Please leave a comment for the reason with which you claim a refund and it shall be reviewed by our team for validity and authenticity. Refunds will be done manually upon reviewing the reason. Upon approval, you shall receive communication on the refund. Communication will be done manually from the support email to the client registered email on Essay ADME Essays. Among the reasons allowed for refund are as follows, some of which, may change from time to time:

  • The client wants to make specific changes on the order, threfore they have to request a cancellation since the order is in progress, so that they may start it as a new order.
  • Client can only request refund when order is in submission or in progress stage. Delivered and finalized orders cannot be cancelled and no refund can be made on them.
  • Customer paid in excess of the required/expected amount.
  • Extremely late delivery past the EXTENDED deadline period offered by both the customer and Essay ADME support.
  • Client wishes to withdraw from engaging with the site after work is in progress.
  • Any fraudulent activity detected that may have harmed a customer upon thorough investigations involving legal authorities, partners such as banks/payment methods and service providers, and so on.

Note: Refund is not applicable in a situation whereby the customer has already submitted work to his/her school for marking.

For an extremely poor quality work from a writer, we encourage the customer to engage with the support to find them a better available writer as they vary in terms of levels/ratings/reviews.

Writers are rated/reviewed by customers who purchase their services. If an order is cancelled (for any reason), the funds paid will be returned to the customer’s Essay ADME balance. Customers can request a cancellation if an order is late. A customer’s requested cancellation can have a negative impact on a writer’s business.

Admin: If writers and customers don't agree to mutual cancellation, then contacting Essay ADME support is the next step.

Cancellations. ADME encourages all USERS; sellers and buyers (customers and writers) to mutually resolve disputes within an order and avoid cancellations.

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